MOVERS PACKERS IN AJMAN The most professional, trusted, reliable, affordable and best movers and packers in ajman. The services we provide for house moving, villa moving, office moving and many more. We do the best and professional packing of all the house items by using high quality packing materials. The most expert carpenters team dismantle, pack and fix all of the items.

We are serving since 1998 in all the Emirates as a reliable moving company, our prices are very affordable based on the quantity and the quality of items.

Services of movers in Ajman

MOVERS PACKERS IN AJMAN is the residential Emirate of UAE and if you are living there then sometimes you need movers in Ajman so this page is specially for those who are planning to hire moving company make sure to read these contents carefully.

We provide all kinds of comercial and residential moving services which are listed below. The following services we provide while moving your house or office.

Furniture dismantling and packing

The furniture packing is the very important when moving it from one place to another because it’s protect it from all kinds of damages and broken. We have expert and well-trained packing team who provide this job. The furniture packing charges are included in quotation so there will be no extra charges for packing on client.

Furniture, electronics moving and fixing

Once we load all of the house items into vehicles and shift then we provide fixing services like furniture fixing, refrigerator, washing machine and air conditioner fixing etc. Only the items dismantled by our workers will be fix in guarantee if you bring something new then we are not able fix.

Boxes unpacking like clothes and kitchen items

We will unpack all of the boxes packed by our workers and we will keep your kitchen pots, shoes and clothes where you want. Make sure to check the availability of all the items on the time when workers are in your home. Because sometimes it makes troubles for the clients if something missing and misplaced. As a professional movers and packers in Ajman we guarantee that there will be no inconvenience. We also provide ladies workers who will help you like in house cleaning, decoration and items fixing.

Used boxes, tapes and garbage cleaning

This is the only service which makes us different and unique than other movers in Ajman. We collect all the items which are used for the packing purpose like boxes, clear tape, stretch roll, bubble roll and we throw it to nearby dustbin. All the garbage will be taken once the fixing work finished. Our main priority is to feel you happy and satisfied after using our moving company.


If you will be doing an apartment moving in Ajman, the first thing that will come for  your mind is how will you going to pack all the furniture in your apartment. This is also the problem why they prefer to hire MOVERS PACKERS IN AJMAN who will help and assist you in moving your furniture in your apartment.

It is really hard to move your furniture especially when you have a lot to pack and you live in the high floors of the apartment. Best movers will be the solution for that. They can manage to pack all of your valuables, dismantle and fix it. They will be also the one load all of it into the truck which is provided by the moving and packing company that you hired.


If you are about to move your furniture from your villa then you should look for a reliable and experts in MOVERS PACKERS IN AJMAN and packing of furniture. From packaging your valuables to loading to the trucks and unloading in, it should be handled safety. You need to assure that your furniture, appliances and other stuffs will be all safe while in transit. Villa Moving is really a stressful and very complicated matter but villa movers in Ajman you that they will provide you a fastest and secured way for your villa moving.